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Lords Fragrance house

San Ignacio Room Spray - Lords Fragrance House

San Ignacio Room Spray - Lords Fragrance House

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The inspiration for this scent came from the warm Baja sunshine. Imagine pink filled skies, excited happy minds and souls surrounded by an incredible landscape. Calm seas, bordered by cactuses, and amazing fauna. San Ignacio Lagoon offers refuge for female Gray Whales. Every year they come to the calm waters to have their calves. There are a few lucky human visitors these amazing creatures choose to interact with. The scent here tries to encompass the warm sense you are left with after an amazing day out on the lagoon.

Spray your favourite LORDS scent throughout your space. Our 500ml glass bottles (most room sprays are 100/200ml max) are perfect for spraying when you get home from work, or have guests coming over and you won't want to hide the packaging away in cupboards afterwards, thanks to the lovely amber glass. 

They are a fabulous boost to reed diffusers, or candles when you want extra scent, and are safe to spray onto fabrics, and around pets. 

You can get your bottle refilled at our office once empty. 

TOP TIP- make sure the bottle is set to 'spray' setting NOT stream. 

Would recommend putting on a coaster when on surfaces. 

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