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Red Mistletoe Cactus

Red Mistletoe Cactus

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These plants are happy in most light conditions, whether it's slightly shaded or nice and bright. Be wary of placing it in a very sunny spot with constant direct light, as the leaves can burn. 


These plants like regular watering, unlike the desert cactus! Watering once every 12 days is preferable. 



These cacti are used to tropical environments, so like considerably more humidity than a desert cactus!


Indoor temperatures of 15oC up to 29oC are ideal for this Cactus. They are very hardy and so long as they aren't freezing, they are happy!


During spring and summer, feed once a month with a general houseplant food. No feeding is necessary during the winter when plant growth naturally slows.  


These plants are not pet friendly!


Mistletoe cactus is a tropical succulent native to rainforests in warm regions. The mistletoe cactus is unique for its needs for humidity and water, differing to the drier desert cactus that we all know and love. 

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