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Peruke Games

Peruke Game

Peruke Game

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  • Peruke Classic is a fun dice game of strategy, tactics & luck. 
  • Housed within a sturdy metal tobacco tin, you can take & play it anywhere.
  • It can be played as a multiplayer game (up to 4) or as 2 player game.
  • The game consists of 24 birchwood ply discs, 3 quality dice & a rules sheet, which all fit securely inside the Peruke tin. 
  • The discs are finished by hand and use FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified plywood. 
  • Peruke was awarded the prestigious Imagination Gaming Seal of approval in 2020

The game ‘Peruke’ evolved out of a conversation Mark Littlewood & James Gillham had at work.

"In 2014, as lecturers and artists we where looking for a new creative challenge - the criteria: to create a dice game that was easy to understand, but hard to master; and would include all players until the last play"

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