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Perlite 2.5ltrs

Perlite 2.5ltrs

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Use perlite to aid soil drainage

Perlite is pale white in appearance, and when you look closely you can see small pockets, cracks and pores in the surface of each piece. Perlite is made from volcanic glass, very lightweight and great for mixing it with potting compost mixes to improves aeration, draining and insulation.

Succulents and other plants sensitive to moist soil benefit from having perlite added to the potting compost. The perlite will trap air in the compost and encourage water to drain through, ensuring the plant's roots will never sit in damp soil.

For soilless compost mixtures, use 3 or 4 parts of Sphagnum Moss Peat to 1 part of perlite

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