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Lords Fragrance house

Oxfordshire Candle - Lords Fragrance House

Oxfordshire Candle - Lords Fragrance House

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Our 225g natural wax candles will fill your room with scent. Be sure to trim your wick between uses and allow all the top layer of wax to melt. 
Reuse the pink glass afterwards, great for plants, or storing makeup brushes! 

Fragrance description:

Smell the sweet florals of an English garden. With green blackcurrant bud, rose geranium, wildflowers and sweetpea essential oils, this is a woody floral that will put you in a warm sunny mood. Base notes of guaiacwood, musk and moss, balance the sweet florals in this aroma.

The inspiration for this scent came from a tough time where the only solace found was in the garden. LORDS Fragrance House is a brand born from experience & travel, and recent times took that away. The garden became a refuge for many of us, a place to have hope and enjoy the simpler things. This scent was born whilst swinging in a hammock nestled in a tree, watching the bees buzz from flower to flower in an Oxfordshire garden.

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