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Lemon & verbena hand cream

Lemon & verbena hand cream

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Red Raspberry Seed oil - Absorbs damaging UVA and UVB rays, preventing them from reaching your skin and causing inflammation and sun damage. Some studies have shown that, on its own, red raspberry seed oil has an SPF of between 28 and 50 for UVA rays and up to SPF 8 for UVB rays. Red raspberry seed oil aslo has amazing qualities for soothing eczema and acne

 Black seed oil - Packed with Vitamin A and amino acids, Black Seed Oil helps to reduce acne scars. The anti-inflammatory properties of the oil reduces the appearance of spots and acne by vastly reducing the redness and scarring caused by skin inflammations. It is also it is rich in plant acids and essential fatty acids which help to maintain the skin's lipid barrier, preventing the skin from drying out and naturally anti-histamine and anti-microbial Black Seed Oil works to nourish the skin, making it perfect for treating rashes and Eczema and even Psoriasis, soothing itching and irritation.


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