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Lords Fragrance house

Kaikoura dropper oil - Lords fragrance house

Kaikoura dropper oil - Lords fragrance house

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Smell the calming blend of rock daisys, lavender, lupins & chamomile, balanced with luscious green ferns, marine wood accords.

The inspiration for this scent came from the beautiful Kaikoura landscape. An amazing place in New Zealand where mountain meets the sea and the floral and fauna is in abundance. The town is famous for its wildlife watching at sea, but this scent is inspired by a wonderful walk up to a waterfall, where a stream runs alongside the pathway. At certain times of year the stream that leads to the sea, is where adult seals leave their pups whilst they hunt, so you are caught off guard when admiring the luscious green ferns when all of sudden a little head pops up to greet you! The stream makes for a very relaxing place to sit, breathe, and take in the wonder that is our world. 

Scent your space with our fragrance oils. Simply add a few drops to an oil burner or electric aroma diffuser to fill your room with scent.

10ml/ 0.33fl.oz

Height 63.5mm

Diameter 24.1mm

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