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Hemp Tea

Hemp Tea

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Organic Hemp Stem Tea Facts

  • Relaxing, calming & rejuvenating
  • Gentle & soothing
  • Hemp won’t cause psychoactive effects
  • Fragrant & aromatic
  • Caffeine-free, drink in the day or at night
  • 100% organic, Soil Association Certified
  • Small batch & fresh produce


  • Not for profit, not shareholder pockets
  • 100% British Isles Agriculture, grown & produced – supporting ecological farmers
  • Made in the UK by our worker’s co-operative, members of Co-op UK
  • Union members of Land Workers Alliance to create a better food and land-use system for everyone
  • This packaging is completely biodegradable or recyclable, as it should be.

How to use it?

  • Add a few stems into a cup, or add more stems for a teapot. Brew for around 5 minutes.
  • If it’s your first hemp tea, then take it slowly, start with a light, gentle tea and see how you go. Listen to your body. Increase your dose with time.
  • You can brew your tea for longer if you would like it to be stronger, or just add more stems.
  • Caffeine-free, so it’s good to enjoy at any time of the day or night. Often we hear that it is best after a busy day, or one hour before bed.
  • Try adding a dash of milk (a fat) for a deliciously smooth tea to boost the teas properties. Oily compounds, water and a fat, your body then has the best chance to absorb the nutrients present.
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