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Pink Clay Face Mask 60g

Pink Clay Face Mask 60g

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Bentonite clay, similar to Charcoal, absorbs materials such as oils and bacteria by sticking to their molecules or ions. As the clay leaves the body, it takes the toxin or other molecules with it.


Bentonite clay contains natural minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron, which may provide additional benefits for acne and detoxing. 


The lightly exfoliating effect of pink clay works to remove dead skin cells and reveal the  bright, fresh cells underneath.

We love using this under our armpits to detoxify and help eliminate unwanted toxins which are so close to our lymph nodes and also get a good beating from most deodorants.

Pink clay can also be used in a hair mask! simply add warm water and paint onto your scalp and hair, and after 10 minutes it will leave your hair feeling clarified. It is wonderful for ridding your hair of cloggy oils & leaves it feeling soft, shiny and moisturised.

How to use Pink clay

Before applying pink clay, make sure your skin is cleansed. Wash your face with your usual cleanser, perhaps using a flannel to ensure you’ve removed all soap and impurities. Pat your skin dry, then apply your pink  clay mask while your skin is still damp. For more oily skin, mix your clay with warm water. If you are in need of hydration, you can mix your clay with a little olive oil! or grapeseed oil! 

Leave the mask on for around ten minutes. As soon as the clay feels tight, rinse it off, as it can dry skin out if left on too long. After drying, complete your regular skincare routine and enjoy the benefits of bright, clean skin.

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