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This Organic CBD Oil is high in Terpenes & Flavonoids, which are the aroma & flavour parts of the plant, so you’ll be getting a very pleasant light floral oil that is less bitter than others. Often other oils contain additives, flavours, colours or sugars to improve the oil, yet this can be achieved naturally. Infused with the superfood Organic Hemp Seed Oil – Extra Virgin, providing a nutrient rich carrier oil. We believe in the power of whole plants, expect a very natural oil, what’s good for your skin, you should be able to eat too!


250mg – Just Peachy 500mg – Mellow Yellow 1000mg – Orange Zeal 2000mg – Red Spirit

We call it ‘Just Peachy’ so if you’re on a budget yet still want to try out CBD, then this one is for you.

250mg CBD (2.5%) in 10ml
1.25mg per drop

We call it ‘Mellow Yellow’ because it’s a great strength to gain the benefits of CBD!

500mg CBD (5%) in 10ml
2.5mg per drop

We call it ‘Orange Zeal’ because it’s a higher-strength product to give you a bigger boost!

1000mg CBD (10%) in 10ml
5mg per drop

We call it ‘Red Spirit’ to match the potent energy of the most full-fired experience.

2000mg CBD per bottle
10mg per drop

What to expect?

Organic CBD Oil is a natural lighter, golden oil abundant with floral aromas. The scent is reminiscent of the fresh hemp flowers in the open fields. If you are seeking a dense, substantial oil, deeply earthy green and distinctively bitter, see our Organic Cold Pressed CBD Oil 500mg & 1500mg.

Organic CBD Oil specifics

  • Broad Spectrum
  • 100% organic, Soil Association Certified
  • The hemp seed oil carrier contains vitamins & minerals, including omegas 3, 6 & 9
  • Vegan
  • Natural & wholesome
  • Small batch & fresh produce
  • Third-party independently lab tested
  • No additives, sugars or flavourings, solvent-free


  • Not for profit, not shareholder pockets, instead you’re supporting UK ecological farmers
  • Made in the UK by our worker’s co-operative, members of Co-op UK
  • Union members of Land Workers Alliance to create a better food and land-use system for everyone
  • We use packaging that has the least impact, please reuse or recycle after use
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