Why use a product refill station

Protecting our world and the environment around us has become a desperate topic. Plastic is one of the biggest issues within this subject and causing great concern because of the disastrous effect it is having on our planet.

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What sort of disastrous effect?

Plastic does not biodegrade. What doe this mean? It means, that bottle you put in the bin last week could still be here in millions of years. As the plastic does start breaking down into smaller pieces they end up in our environment through the sea, rivers, forests, our plant life and animal life ingest them, poisoning them or ending up in our own food chain causing severe health issues.


But we can just recycle?

Mmmmm Yeeesss but..Our recycling centres aren’t intelligent enough to pick out all recyclable plastics and end up in landfill. Or if some oil or non recyclable materials are mixed up with your recycling the whole batch ends up in landfill.

There is evidence that some recycling has ended up being shipped abroad and even some to Asia, where it has been dumped in the rainforest, rather than recycled. DO NO MISUNDERSTAND us, please please please continue to recycle but this is a last resort. 

Reuse - reuse - reuse

This is where the refill stations come in. When you buy a product in a bottle or tub, you are buying two things. One, the product inside the container and two, the container. If you are running low or run out of the product in your bathroom or under the sink, then just refill the bottle! This way you aren’t  spending money on something you already have and are about throw away and you can spend the money on a better quality product to go inside the container you were going to throw away!

Those wonderful refill stations are full of environmentally friendly products making them better for your skin, hair, home and of course the environment. They will be made with lovely ingredients that are not harmful to your home life including your children, pets and loved ones. Why spend your money on a plastic bottle containing an inferior and, over the years, potentially harmful product?

Get into a routine

When a shampoo bottle is empty put it by the door or on your doorstep, when you go into town or pass your local refill shop, take it with you, refill and bring it home. If you don't go into these places often enough, then maybe have a full bottle on the go and an empty so you have time to collect your empties and refill all at the same time while you're still stocked up and have your full bottles to fall back on. then the cycle has begun, the back up bottle will become your empties and and your last empties become your back up and it goes on. You are now in the saving the world club, feeling great about it and you and your family are using an amazing product too!