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Venus Flytrap | 7cm H x 9cm Pot Diameter

Venus Flytrap | 7cm H x 9cm Pot Diameter

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Venus flytraps are happy in direct light! these carnivorous plants like the sun. 


Keep your Flytraps soil moist if you can. Venus fly trap is an acidic-loving plant, so water with rainwater, as this has a lower pH than tap water. Venus fly traps grow naturally in bogs with wet, acidic, nutrient-poor soil. 


Venus Flytraps do not require much humidity! They don't mind a little but are not too fussed. 


Flytraps can endure temperatures of 21° - 35° C in the summer and down to 5°C in the winter. They are hardy little plants! 


Venus fly traps do not need fertilising. However they do need to be fed fortnightly with live insects. Simply catch an insect such as a fly and then gently lower it into one of the traps. As soon as the fly comes into contact with the fine hairs in the trap, the trap will close. Do not force the trap shut as this can harm the plant.


 Venus Flytraps are not toxic to pets. 


In autumn, when hours of daylight reduce, your Venus fly trap will lose its leaves and enter dormancy (many people mistake their plant as dead at this point!)

To make sure the Venus Flytrap wakes up in spring, keep it in the coolest room in the house and reduce watering (just so it is drier than usual, not completely dried out). Then in the spring, move it into a lighter, warmer spot and keep the soi moist. Your Flytrap should then grow new leaves and continue to thrive! 

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