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Syngonium Arrow

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Syngoniums are happy in bright, indirect light. Do not expose to direct sunlight as this may scorch their delicate leaves.


Allow the soil to dry out before watering your Syngonium. These plants do not like being waterlogged so check the soil before watering though do not allow long periods of drought.


Humidity is key when it comes to sustaining a healthy a vibrant Syngonium. Browning of the leaves would indicate the plant is getting too dry and more misting is needed. 


Average indoor temperatures of 16-21°C are best for a Syngonium.


During spring and summer, feed once a month with a general houseplant food. No feeding is necessary during the winter when plant growth naturally slows.  


Syngoniums are considered toxic to humans and pets if ingested.


Syngoniums are known for their air purifying qualities so are fantastic bedroom and living room plants, plus they are beautiful to look at. Pruning your plant is a great way to help it retain its structure and shape - heavy leaves can cause the plant to look floppy. NOTE: When pruning, keep an eye out for any white substance coming from the cut area as this is toxic and should be cleaned up and kept away from the skin, children and pets. Your Syngonium may become variegated if kept in lower light conditions!

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