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Mega Gemstone Gold Ring - YAAYAA London

Mega Gemstone Gold Ring - YAAYAA London

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YAA YAA LONDON handmade agate crystal gemstone statement rings from the Mega ring collection. Make some power-moves with these gorgeous rings, set in a demi-matt gold plated thick band and mounted with a natural semi-precious gemstone.

The colour intensities, stone sizes and shapes vary from ring to ring making each one unique.

  • Main materials: 18k Gold plating, brass, agate.
  • Ring size: slightly adjustable, best suited for slim to medium-sized fingers. There is some adjustment in the metal to pinch the ring gently to make it a little smaller or slightly larger, but please note that this is a sturdy strong ring, made to support a large semi-precious stone.
  • Average stone size: approx 2.5cm - 3cm long
  • Ring Band Width: approx. 19mm at the widest point.


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