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Heart Succulent (red pot)

Heart Succulent (red pot)

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Succulents enjoy bright sunshine and lots of it. However, like any plant, too much direct sunlight can damage the leaves. Your succulent may have red tips on their leaves - this is normal when lots of sunshine is provided and can be quite attractive. It's nothing to worry about if the plant is otherwise healthy.

Allow your succulent to dry out completely between waters. Their leaves store much of the water they use and too much can cause your plant to suffer. It is always better to underwater than overwater. A good drench when watering is good to replicate a rainfall after a drought, similar to its natural environment.

Succulents are not humidity lovers, they prefer dry conditions (30-50%). The average house would be fine to accommodate a healthy succulent but avoid settling it near humidity loving plants or bathrooms. Do not mist or spray.


Average indoor temperatures of 18-23°C are best for a succulent.


Succulents don't need much fertiliser or feed, perhaps every 3-4 months. A couple of extra feeds during the growing season would be beneficial if needed. Use succulent feed to give the nutrients it needs.


A succulent can be toxic to humans and pets if ingested.



The Heart Succulent, also known as the 'Sweetheart Plant', is a super adorable plant that will keep you smiling. Though it's hugely unlikely to grow any bigger (these single leaves do not house any 'nodes' to support new growth) it will stay plush and green and look beautiful on any windowsill or table. Repotting is recommended when the roots have become cramped.

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