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Aloe Vera | 14cm H x 9cm x Pot Diameter

Aloe Vera | 14cm H x 9cm x Pot Diameter

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Aloe Vera needs bright, natural light in order to thrive. Outdoors, aim for up to six hours of full sun, with a small shade reprieve in the afternoon.


Aloe prefers to be watered regularly, as long as the soil dries out completely in between waterings. If the soil remains dry for long periods of time, the leaves will shrivel and pucker slightly. 


Aloe can handle dry air just fine and does not require extra humidity.


Aim for a temperature between 15 and 30 C (most indoor environments can achieve this) and don't leave your container plant outdoors if nights are forecasted to dip below 5 C


Aloe vera grows best in poor soil conditions (this plant has adapted to nutritionally poor desert soil) and does not require any fertilisation at all. That said, feeding potted aloe once a year each spring may help maintain vibrant growth.


An Aloe vera is not considered toxic to humans and pets if ingested.


Overwatering is one of the most common mistakes gardeners make with their aloe plants. Consistently wet soil contributes to root rot and mushy leaves. Rot at the roots can escalate the proliferation of bacteria or fungus, causing decay throughout the plants interior. In its most severe stages, root rot and decay cannot be treated.

Aloe leaves have also been known to bend and break. This condition provides a signal that your plant is not getting enough light to form stiff, healthy leaves. To remedy this situation, move your plant to a brighter spot, or use a fluorescent light to supplement sunshine.

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